Naked gun movie condom scene

What the duck is going on? Still, the scene where Kevin Kline seduces Jamie Lee Curtis starts with foot fetishism and an Italian fixation and goes downhill from there. Tell us which one you think is the weirdest - and also let us know if we've missed out any. The Naked Gun is quite possibly the second greatest spoof movie of all time right behind Airplane!

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Naked gun movie condom scene
Naked gun movie condom scene
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Naked Gun Condom Scene

Anyway, the pair of them insist on "safe sex" so we cut to them in full-body condoms, flopping around on the bed together. But beyond feeling just uncomfortable are the weird sex scenes. Politics How you can nominate the next Queensland Great.

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Naked gun movie condom scene
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Naked gun movie condom scene

The Ten Spot: 10 Great Moments With Condoms

This violent coupling is presumably meant to show that she's a powerful woman, easily the equal of the Greeks but just becomes seriously disturbing. Libby Squire's parents, Lisa and Russ, leave vigil at Hull church. Genius trick for picking up lost earrings using vacuum cleaner.

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