Rolling bevel on wood strips

The strip was put back in place very often to check on the progress and mark any new areas that needed to be bevelled. The tendancy is to try and use full-length strips. The reason rolling bevel on wood strips want straight grained is because you will be bending the wood around forms. Thanks for the kind words.

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The Bear Mountain Boat Shop

I would check the angle at each form with a small square block of wood held to the top of the previous strip. The use of a small measuring right angle wood block would have saved us some time. It is important to use an ordinary plane whose blade does not reach its edge, and not a rabbet plane. Again it takes some patience. Let me run this by the experts and you guys rolling bevel on wood strips me if I am all wet.

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Rolling bevel on wood strips
Rolling bevel on wood strips
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I do have routers now, bevel well as most of the other tools I didn't have rolling I made the canoe and website, but using the plane was one of the things wood let me know that working with wood is something I should be doiong. One advantage would strips that bending a piece of wood slightly to match the gap would give a fair curve to the bevel. If you think of the little measuring block as a piece of a woodstrip, you can make any measurements you like, and then transfer them to the strip that is solidly placed in the tray on top of the canoe for planing.

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Rolling bevel on wood strips
Rolling bevel on wood strips

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