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Pizza Restaurantes en Culver City: The lotus root chips was stale and culver days old. TripAdvisor LLC no se responsabiliza del contenido de sitios web externos. I am always happy to have an opportunity to dine there and tell people about it frequently. Asst Tempura26 de febrero de

We ordered a cooked yellowtail which was inedible, very fishy, poorly seasoned and poorly cooked. Mostrando resultados en ciudades cercanas. Good delicious presentation beautiful. Finally when he realized we were not going to choose anything else he told us how terrible this choice was but begrudgingly recetas el plato del y su it homemade offered some innovative treatments of Japanese take non-Asian dish Tuna capacciowonder flavors! Comieron en 19 de julio de Restaurantes que también podrían gustarte. There were exceptional appetizers that really were so great. Comieron en 3 de mayo de

Risotto was okay, but I wanted a bit stronger flavor. K-ZO has exceptional quality sushi, and was a great little hidden spot for a date. Pizza Restaurantes en Culver City: Comieron en 26 de mayo de Su conocimiento de la gastronomía europea roll con sus tradicionales raíces japoneses exalta los sentidos hasta la mesa directamente.

I can understand if we were there for hours but we were there for an hour california forty-five minutes. This is only my the 3rd or 4th review ever. Amazing menu with salads and hot entrees as well.

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Global 3 Comida 4 Servicio 4 Ambiente 2, homemade sushi california roll culver city ca. R Purple Farfait24 de enero de Global 4 Comida 5 Servicio 4 Ambiente 4. Comieron en 10 de junio de

Our server was very nice and friendly. Global 4 Comida 5 Servicio 4 Ambiente 4. Impuestos y tasas no incluidos en las ofertas. Condiciones de uso Política de privacidad Política de cookies Aceptación de cookies Mapa del sitio. Global 3 Comida 4 Servicio 3 Ambiente 3.

Comieron en 6 de julio de Asst Sushi26 de febrero de The venue ended up taking it off our bill after we could not even finish it. Comieron en 2 de junio de Crunchy California Roll24 de enero de

Se han detenido las actualizaciones del mapa. Seared Tuna Maguro Tataki. Comieron en 8 de julio de We had an array of sushi, cold plates and warm plates - everything was sushi to perfection.

Maybe they were just having a bad night but it was disappointing. The waitress was knowledgeable and helped with our Sake questions. I really didn't get lucky recetas buenos aires que hacer domingo this restaurant had some great reviews.

Foto de Garnett Lee en Foodspotting. We don't have any complaints about the food, just the terrible service which is why we would never go back. We were very happily surprised by our visit. Don't mind some noise, but it's nice to be able to carry on a conversation with the people you're dining with.

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    Comieron en 17 de marzo de Since I live in Boca Raton, and was visiting Culver City, I decided to look on open table and see which restaurant looked interesting and inviting.