Lesbians getting aids

This study confirms that there are existing gaps in HIV research particularly focused on lesbians and women in same-sex relationships. Participants' inability to communicate about their sexuality because of fear of stigma and prejudice also hindered their access to safer sex information and protective means. Central to such disclosure is protecting a partner and ensuring she does not get infected: FacebookTwitterRSS. Some people may blame you for contracting HIV.

Lesbians getting aids
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Lesbians getting aids

“I thought we are safe”: Southern African lesbians' experiences of living with HIV

A few had experienced difficulties interviewing people they knew about their experiences of living with HIV. The assumption of a close association between sexual behaviour and lesbians getting aids identity can also be seen as having contributed to lesbian neglect Formby ; Power, McNair and Carr ; Richardson In most cases, protective measures were unavailable, and in places where they existed, they are not lesbians getting aids available. When it comes to my life, my side of protection, I have to see for myself - pop out money from my own pocket and go to a pharmacy to look for something that smells nice - like gloves - not that we can afford things like that. Lesbians are perceived as not to be at risk for HIV because it is assumed that they engage in sexual activity only with other women.

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Lesbians getting aids
Lesbians getting aids

Moreover health practitioners require adequate training in lesbians' needs so as not to refuse them services, as this may exacerbate women's perceptions of being at low risk Formby Indeed, research suggests that women who have sex with women are typically reluctant to share this information with their primary physician or gynecologist. In particular, the fear of being discriminated against, or fear of a health care practitioner's insensitivity after disclosing one's sexual orientation, can lesbians getting aids people from seeking treatment. For those who have access lesbians getting aids LGBT organisations, dental dams, finger condoms and other forms of protection were freely available.

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Lesbians getting aids
Lesbians getting aids
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